Thursday, January 30, 2014


My main used to be a Warrior before I developed a love of mediocre Priesting. Augratin as melee is very different from Augratin healing. Augratin melee is... a little unstable, impulsive, and full of bad decisions.

In Tol Barad, I would happily charge in to an Alliance base all by my lonesome, fully expecting to overcome 10+ enemy players. Sometimes I would get lucky and a group would come in just as I was starting to hurt and we would retake the base. Unfortunately, this would only bolster my outrageous Orcy confidence and sent me into an Enraged death spiral. The vast majority of the time I would die really, really quickly.

The best part about Tol Barad (*wiggles cane* Back in my day...), were the wordless interactions I had with one very persistent Human Pally. His name was Crabtree. I can't remember if his name had any variations on it. All I did whenever I saw him was (IRL, no less) scream "CRABTREE!!!!!!!!!!!" and ignore any other PvP objectives until one of us was dead.

It's been many moons since I've seen him and whenever I see 49ers Crabtree on TV, I yell his name. You know, in solidarity.

With Richard Sherman's highly interesting end-game rant, this video has been making the rounds. All this talk of Crabtree has got me feeling all teary and nostalgic.

If you're out there, Crabtree, I miss you.


  1. OMG. In Cataclysm, I played a rogue (Shortcake) strictly for PVP.

    I had a Crabtree.

    Every single time I went into Tol Barad...I looked for Ragebeard. If I saw him, one of us wasn't going to make it out alive, dammit. If it was the last thing I'd do, I'd be sure that if I went down, that d-bag was going down with me.

    I also miss Ragebeard. Sort of. I miss having a Ragebeard to rage about.

  2. Ragebeard! What a great name. I feel like we should find them and tell them how much they meant to us.