Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations on (almost) one year of successful blogging and may you have many more!
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A year ago I was moping around my house. I would drag my feet around the kitchen and then into the living room. I would sit at my desk, turn on my computer, and then turn it off again. Flop thought there was something wrong. Like really wrong. At each discontented sigh, he would jerk around in his comfy chair (the spot of honor after a long day at work) and demand to know what the hell was going on. He would watch me out of the corner of his eye, twitchy and nervous, waiting for me to drop some disastrously bad news onto his head.

I had an idea and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to get it out of my head. With some help, I managed to figure it out, eventually. From our very first post, the SAN mission statement that still fuels every post I write…

Nerds are, in my opinion, a whole different type of person. That’s why this website exists: to cater to the different needs, obstacles, and interests faced by the modern lady nerd. We are a minority in the world, subjected to bizarre armor designs and an overwhelmingly male community convinced that real women are like the ones in they see on late night TV shows and porn: big boobs, small brain, good sammiches.

Of course there are plenty of guys out there who do not fit this stereotype, so if you’re reading this and saying, “NUH UH! I’m a sensitive, considerate male!” then I am not talking about you. You are a special treasure. That being said, as a girl gamer navigating the male MMORPG world, I can’t help but notice how social issues of gender and sexuality have lagged behind in this faceless, egotistical community. This is a call to ladies to raise your voice! We matter, too! We are the weirdos in a weird world! 

So, this past year, with the help of many insightful, passionate, and dedicated voices, She’s All Nerd has struggled through its first steps toward becoming a legitimate member of the online entertainment and gamer community.

I am grateful for every post my fellow writers have offered to this project, every Facebook like from our like-minded fans, every word of helpful advice, and every bit of encouragement and support we’ve received from friends and family members.

We are still looking for new contributors, however, and if you are interested, absolutely let us know! You can message our Facebook page, send an email (shesallnerd@gmail.com), smoke signal, tweet, anything. We would be excessively excited to add a new perspective to our regular posts.

Tons of love and thank you!


Adventures in Nerd Rage: A One Act Play

[L starts a Tinkerbell movie on Netflix “for the kids.”]
L: [excitedly] Guess who’s doing the voice for Tink’s friend!
Steagles: No idea.
Think blond with spikey hair…
[noticing Lex’s Cheshire Cat smile, realizes that it must be someone particularly endearing to her nerd world] Cloud?
What?  No.
Jared Padalecki?
The guy, Dean, from Supernatural.
Nailed it.

[facepalming]That’s Sam.  Jensen Ackles is Dean, and he doesn’t sound like a child.
Oh, right. Okay, how about the guy who plays Watson?
[urge to kill rising]He doesn’t have spikey blond hair, and ALSO doesn’t sound like a child!  Look, you were close with Cloud.
Well, Cid doesn’t sound like a child either…  Is it Zack?
Zack doesn’t have a blond hair!!
I thought maybe the voiceover guy might…
I meant the character!  Though the actor does, too.
Okay. [realizing now it must be from Kingdom Hearts] Oh, it’s Haley Joel Osment!
[looking like a puffer fish] Sora’s not blond!!
He isn’t?
No!!  He’s got brown hair!
Oh.  So it’s also not Riku… Okay, how about the kid with the beach ball?
[sighing]  You mean Tidus?
No, Steve, it’s not Tidus.
Okay.  [after a moment]  Is it Simba?
[looking like a strawberry]  WHAT?!?
Is it the kid who did Simba?
[fully exasperated]  No, it wasn’t “the kid who did Simba!”  And Simba doesn’t have spikey hair!
I thought: furry, spikey, they’re kind of close…

They’re practically twins!

[icy stare of death]
[after what seems like a thirty-seven year-long pause]  Oh, Roxas!
[clearly a piece of her soul has died]  Yeah, Roxas.
Yeah, Roxas…  … Yeah, I thought that whole opening to the game was a boring waste of time.
[is pummeled with a remote control]
~Written by Steagles


Return of the Nerds!

I, Augratin, would like to say O HAI.

Things have been pretty quiet on the nerd front, it being the ‘off-season’ for blogging. But as we all know, with fall comes the return of All The Fandoms and a whole lot more free time. What’s been happening in Augratin-Land, you wonder? Well, it’s pretty boring but I’ll tell you anyway!

The amount of yard work involved in keeping up a pony property is just astounding. 
Then there’s the ponies themselves. Bathing ponies, training ponies, wrestling with ponies, rescuing technology from ponies…

Plus, Flop and I are expecting the third addition to our small herd of demonic nerd spawn. We’ve got a few more weeks and then I’ll be up all night for many moons. I don’t know about you guys, but those hours when your newborn just wants to gaze up at you for hours at a time, ya know, from around 1 am to 5 am? And the patented jiggle hold just isn’t doing the trick? And baby doesn’t want to eat and the diaper is clean? Well, those are prime WoWing hours. When your husband wants to know how the FRACK you managed to pass him in item level when it appears you do nothing but zombie around all day, that’s how. It’s my little secret.

Now that the Nerd Hiatus is over, what can we look forward to, you wonder? My answer is ALL THE THINGS, in no particular order…

Warlords of Draenor – November 13
If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get some more NFL coverage from Flop.
I’m really looking forward to getting to make ridiculous drinks (on a limited basis–we don’t do drunken baby care around here, unfortunately) in a couple months. 

NanoWriMo 2014!

Dr Who – August 23
For more freaky baking ideas, check out BBCAmerica.

Walking Dead – October 12

Downton Abbey – January 4

So many things to anticipate! And this isn’t even all the things! I’m certain I missed a few key items but I think this list is pretty damn exciting. Thanks for your patience during the nerd break this season and definitely keep up on Facebook. 


Anime Wednesday: Gosick

Anime Wednesday is Go!

Hey, Guys! I’m back and it’s time for more Asian Cartoon Fun in the summer.
Keep in mind, my Southern Hemisphere brothers and sisters, that summer is going strong in Japan and America right now. I hope you’re either staying cool or staying warm, depending on where you are on this muddy rock.
This week’s review is for an anime that is basically Sherlock Holmes as a love story. Pretty intriguing!
After that, we will discuss the Summer 2014 Schedule. There are some duds and some treats but as always, I leave my opinion but also leave it up to you guys to make the right decisions for yourselves.


Gosick is styled after the word Gothic. Don’t ask me why they didn’t just make it Gothic. I’m just… gonna assume they can’t say their th’s. The story is set in 1924 in a fictional European country called Sauville. It extends in a strip from Switzerland, through the alps between France and Italy, to the Mediterranean Sea.
It’s that tiny little red country in the middle.
Also you’ll notice some of the other countries and bodies of water have weird names.
The main character is Kazuya Kujo, the third son of a high-ranking officer in the Japanese Imperial army (keep in mind this was before WW2 when Japan was pretty much being run by its military). He transferred to St. Marguerite Academy in Sauville, where the popular trend is urban legends and horror stories.

He meets the character of interest, Victorique de Blois, who is mysterious, beautiful, and absolutely brilliant at a dainty, doll-like five-foot even. She does not go to classes but stays in the huge library all day. She often stays there in the conservatory at the top of the library, reading several difficult books, often in different languages, simultaneously. At one point, she remarks to Kujo that she has read all the books on one massive wall and then points to another massive wall and says she has finished all of those two. So the girl is very well-read with a genius intellect. She also has a sharp tongue, abusive bluntness, and an eccentric attitude, and uses a pipe to think while she “reconstructs chaos”. She enjoys “reconstructing chaos” by solving intricate mysteries and often complains about boredom being the root of her headaches. Have you realized who the Sherlock Holmes is yet?

It’s elementary, my dear Watson.

Although Victorique is very brusque with Kazuya, who is dense and slow sometimes but possesses a keen memory, it’s clear she is attracted to him and has feelings for him as the series goes on. Kazuya becomes entangled in her life after she saves him from a near arrest. From there he becomes her Watson, following along with her as she works as a consulting detective for her brother, Grevil de Blois, who is an aristocrat that forced the local police to hire him simply because he was interested in crime. In reality, Grevil is a very awful detective and must beg help from Victorique. She allows him to take all the credit for any mystery she solves because she dislikes any attention she would get from the public for her astounding work. Kazuya is initially annoyed with her, but after spending time with her and getting to know how she ticks, he begins to truly care for her and protect her from a conspiracy that goes all the way back to her birth and beyond.

Kazuya is a pretty cool Watson who doesn’t afraid of anything.

The series goes on into Victorique’s origins, why her relationship with her brother is so unique, why she isn’t living with any kind of family, and even why her genius intellect and emerald eyes exist at all. I’ll save that for you guys to discover for yourself. If you love mystery and romance, or are even a fan of Sherlock Holmes, this anime is your ticket to Paradise. The animation is beautiful and stunning and the story focuses on its characters intensely while also portraying puzzles that will stump you until Victorique reveals how events unfolded. The overarching story of Victorique’s background is very interesting, compelling, and intriguing too. Give it a look. It’s fun and sometimes very funny.

Summer 2014 Schedule

The picture seems pretty tiny, but if you open it up in a new tab and zoom in, you will be able to clearly read the writing. The chart is massive and Blogger won’t let me make it any bigger. Here you’ll see they are rebooting Sailor Moon, continuing Sword Art Online, and other things. I don’t know your interests, so I’ll let you peruse at your leisure. Movie, OVA, and DVD releases are also listed!

What’s Hot?

It’s hard to tell at the moment what will be very popular in the next few days but if the list above is correct, it will probably be Sword Art Online 2, The Sailor Moon Reboot, the two Urobuchi-written animes, Space Dandy season 2, and Hanamonogatari. Keep in mind these are educated guesses on my part considering the popularity of their predecessors and, in the case of the Sailor Moon Reboot, their anticipation by fans.

*   *   *

That’s it for this week. My fellow Americans, enjoy Independence Day. Everyone else, I hope your summer or winter is going great! Catch you on the flip side.